Monday, January 21, 2013

Batman Arkham Asylum Game PC

 Title: Batman: Arkham Asylum

Genre: Action - Third Person Stealth
Theme: Fantasy, Comic Hero
Developer: Rocksteady Studios

Size: 2.04GB

Batman Arkham Asylum is a third person stealth action game that follows the DC comic book hero Batman as he battles wits and minions of the Joker. The demo opens with some cinematic clips of Batman and Commish Gordon taking the Joker to Arkham Asylum, however it turns into a trap that finds Batman trapped inside the prison. The game play of the demo includes some of the free flow combat and stealth maneuvers. The demo also contains a look at some of the enemies that Batman will encounter in the full version of the game.
The Batman Arkham Asylum demo can be downloaded for free from any of the hosting sites listed. below.

 • File Shack
 • Gamershell
 • Big Downloads

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